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It's a good movie with great performances by Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce. I wasn't expecting the movie to be as violent as it was, and was definitely surprised by Jessica Chastain's nude scene - pleasantly surprised. You follow the story of three brothers who are bootleggers during Prohibition. Arriving are some corrupt federal lawmen who want a piece of the action. The brothers refuse and a war ensues. All the while, some love stories ensue, plenty of violence and action, and . . . again - Jessica Chastain. Parts of the movie dragged a bit for me and Shia Lebeouf's character (or the performance) and storyline didn't add much to the movie, no matter how hard they tried. And Gary Oldman is extremely underused in the movie, but he makes the most of it (naturally). Overall, it's an entertaining movie with plenty of good performances and action to go around.

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