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Give me a link for proof else i will still think it's bogus .... the RE timeline says it's bogus anyway.
The only link I have is Tumblr. Just search Ingrid Hunnigan and you'll find it on one of it's pages. There is NO CONCRETE proof that that is Hunnigan. I can find any other info confirming who that is in the image that I supplied. Eveybody on that tumblr page say its Hunnigan. If I could find out who the actress is in the image I supplied then, I could find out if it is Hunnigan or just a regular non-important character(FOR THE FILM) that just so happerns to resemble a character from the game.. I'll post the link here when I get home 'round 4pm. If you Google image search the image it sould link you to the tumblr page.. I almost want to send or at least try to send an email to Paul WS Anderson and ask him if that is indeed who everybody thinks it is or just a random extra cast member for the film.
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