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Theatres wonder why there is a decline with movie goers. I get they want to maximize as much as possible for the "theatre experience", but everything in 3D is NOT the answer. For myself, It's like Blu-ray. Sure I have a Ps3 and can watch Blu-ray movies, but why would I buy a generic film on Blu-ray? Sure movies more focused with special effects makes sense, but as much as I love The Princess Bride, on blu-ray? Why? Does Disney REALLY need to 3D convert their movies now? Why do comedies need to be 3D? More importantly, when movies are made for 3D and the whole deliberate "throw objects in your face" happens, it's CHEESY!!

I can say that with all the 3D movies I have seen, 2 things come to mind as being well done.
1: Avatar - The VERY beginning where he is in the bed capsule thing. The depth of field and camera angle gave such a fantastic form of 3D that it stuck in my mind. After that I got nothin'
2: Transformers Dark of the Moon - Again, beginning with the Ark escaping Cybertron looked cool and then as you get close to Sentinel Prime's eye. Looked great...but again, aside from a moment with Starscream blowing up the Zanthium with the Autobots inside, the coming out of his eye into view part, looked nice...but like ALL 3D movies, they eventually just fall flat to me.

That's all that stuck out with maybe the dozen or so 3D movies I have seen. All in all, 3D doesn't improve my "theatre experience" in any possible way. Hell, my friends and I look for the non-3D viewings.

Pacific Rim has more than enough potential to be fantastic without the industries "help" for opting 3D.
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