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The summer season for movies is over and IMO The Avengers was the best blockbuster this year, possibly one of the best movies of the whole year.
While I'll agree that Avengers is definitely one of the better films released this year, I disagree that it was the best film released this summer. I could never really get into each individual film that help setup the Avengers, (with the possible exception of Thor). While Whedon should bear no responsibility of what came before, it inevitably affected my anticipation and enjoyment of Avengers.

Another reason I thought it wasn't the cream of the crop this summer is because, for me, the Avengers never really elevated itself above a really good popcorn movie. It's a fun, silly, and visually exciting movie with a little more substance than your average popcorn flick, nothing more. There weren't that many surprises delivered in the film; we pretty much knew what we were getting based on the trailers. While the kid in me was enjoying what I saw, the adult in me was never really that engaged, (with the exception of a few key scenes).
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