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So this game is starting to get on my nerves. It starts out as a character quest. I'm big on characters, and this roster is great. The story focuses on a group of mercenaries with aspirations to become knights. You really root for all of them.

But now, it's becoming an annoying love story focused really on one character, Zael. I like Zael, but I also like Mirania, Dagran, Lowell, and especially Yurick. In the beginning, they all seemed to get equal attention (although you only directly control Zael). Now, it's a dramatic love story about Zael and Callista. Not my type game.

My other issue with it is the lack of actual role-playing. I don't like games that offer TOO much choice (things like Skyrim are overwhelming and boring in my opinion), but I like to have a say in some of the events. There were so many times where, logically, my character should be able to choose a course of action. Particularly a trial scene, where I should be able to choose if and how to defend myself. But no. Thus far, the "choices" we make are basically "do you accept this side quest?" and "choose between two lines to say to a character, although it really doesn't matter any way."
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