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Wow, good on you, ThirstyFly. Never did the full 31 days before. Never felt compelled to. I know that one normally can't watch horror movies every day like that. Sometimes, you spoil yourself with too much horror, and need to focus your attention on anything else afterwards.

October is now looking pretty heavy for me. If not revisiting the "Saw" series, it might just be "The Children of The Corn" series instead. Haven't seen beyond Part 3. Found the "Miramax Classics" DVD (haha!) of Parts 2 through 7 at Walmart. Six crappy movies for $5! Without question, I had to get the original movie as well. Also $5. Well worth it. Can't begin without the original.

I have an old gem to recommend - "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" from 1923 with Lon Chaney. It's part of a 50-movie boxset with some classics and turkeys. You can probably get it on regular DVD if you look for it. I'm currently reading Doug Bradley's book "Behind The Mask of The Horror Actor" and learning so much about Shamans and ancient theater in the early centuries to Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff and on in the last hundred years. After reading enough, I finally felt compelled to watch one of the silent films and it was so rewarding. If you have an appreciation and open mind for the silent films, you should see "Hunchback," and probably 1925's "Phantom of the Opera" as well. Looking forward to watching that next.

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