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Wow, good on you, ThirstyFly. Never did the full 31 days before. Never felt compelled to. I know that one normally can't watch horror movies every day like that. Sometimes, you spoil yourself with too much horror, and need to focus your attention on anything else afterwards.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Towards the end of that last year I was so worn out, not just by spending so much free time with them, just watching so many movies in a row with violent subject matter. I didn't have the extra time to watch anything lighter. And then there were the bad movies... TerrorVision almost did me in. Thankfully Red State and all the others (up to the dull Hausu) were really good so they rejuvenated me.

I think the trick that worked for me was I doubled up a few days towards the start of the month so I could take a few day off here and there to rest without falling behind on my numbers.

I have a lot of questionable (quality-wise) movies to get though this year too (damn you $5 bin at Walmart!) so my final list isn't going to be nearly as good. There's a few I have sitting here waiting right now that I'm really looking forward to though.

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Great list of films ThirstyFly.
Last year I only did about 22. Work interfeared much more than I would have liked it to. Guess I kind of need a job though.....

Its gonna be interesting to see what everyone will be watching!
Thanks. I got really lucky with a few true classics I hadn't seen before like Hellraiser and The Exorcist. And discovered some real gems like Basket Case, which is now one of my favorite movies.

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