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RE 6 will be split in 2 parts

IMDB User 'RuJRuify' said this:
Paul will begin filming number six in late 2013 and the film will be in two parts! I saw the news on te Facebook thing. It sounds offical cause the film is number and is making a *beep* load of money right now so im sure screen gems has already greenlit it.

'RujRuify' then replied a few posts later:
It's a rumor its on the Spanish resident evil fb page.

For the people that have seen 'Retribution'.. Do u think Wesker was Wesker or a clone? I think he was a clone. I've played the game and he was alway evil. my guess could be wrong if it turns out that Wesker was only playing nice in order to get Alice to destroy
the Red Queen
and then destroy Alice and ensave the world. Like in the games, Wesker made clones of himself because he thought he was a god.

Its kind of funny. In the Third Resident Evil film. We learn that there were clones of Alice. This was already known in the first movie because one of Alice's names in Resident Evil(2002) was the name: Janus Prospero. Remember 'Judge Dredd'? Well, In that film there is a thing called 'The janus Project' which makes clones of Dreed,who himself, was a clone. I could be wrong.....
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