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Funny thing is thats a thing with so many RPG's. You always seem to get the "be nice" or "be a dick" response choices but only selecting the be nice will advace: like rejecting won't let you through, or it doesn't matter: you just get called a dick and the thing goes ahead anyways.
Yeah. And in most cases, even if you are a "dick" throughout the entire game, it never impacts how people treat you down the road.

But this game is even WORSE because they mislead me into believing I have a choice, when I actually don't. For example, at one point my character is keeping a secret, and a General asks him if he has anything to say. Two options come up: "tell the truth," or "...," which basically means "say nothing." I choose "tell the truth," and then IN HIS HEAD my characters says "I can't tell him the truth." Then, the SAME TWO OPTIONS COME BACK. I tried to choose "tell the truth" 20 times, and each time it wouldn't let me. What's the point of making me click a phrase if it's already predetermined what I'm going to say? So annoying. And that was a point in the game where speaking could've made the story take a significant turn. But it wouldn't let me.

Anyway, the game is fun because I haven't played a solid, new JRPG in a while. But overall, it's really mediocre.
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