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Not a great movie in the traditional sense but great entertainment , it's an expensive cheap Italian horror movie of the highest order liberally ripping off other films with reckless abandon and making no apologies for it .

Pure eye candy, this is the type of film 3d was made for, it was better than i thought it would be . Another great soundtrack, terrific action scenes, rousing fight scenes and an impeccable sound mix .

I only have one complaint, still no mutant spiders or hunters but if the boffo ending is any indication i'm sure they are going to make an appearance in part 6, just hope Anderson hasn't made an ambitious promise that he won't be able to fulfill .

Okay i do have another problem, the way Burton and Kennedy are introduced is underwhelming, like an afterthought, two of the greatest videogame characters ever created and they are unceremoniously just thrown into the narrative like they were some scrubs.

It's a minor quibble though because Claire got the same treatment in part 3 .

Oh yeah, i want a poster of Jill on my wall, oh man, Guillory looked unreal in this film
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