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In the middle of watching Arbitrage the tagline from the 1999 film Payback popped into my head: Get ready to root for the bad guy.Directed and written by Nicholas Jarecki the film contains the unique mix of an edge of your seat thriller
and a Wall street financial drama.
The character Robert Miller is definitely morally flawed.He's an investment manager who has cooked the books at his firm due to a bad investment ,he's cheating on his choosing to be oblivious for the moment wife Ellen(Susan Sarandon) and he's attempting to cover up a fatal car accident.

Still there is a charm to the character and Gere pulls it off with ease.
Kudos to the supporting cast Nate Parker,Brit Marling and Tim Roth and their strong performances.
The only flaw that kind of sticks out are the tactics used in the police investigation.Moves are made that i found were completely unnecessary.Anyone that reads a newspaper or watches the news knows how easy it is to convict someone on the smallest amounts of evidence and tying someone to a crime scene.

Does Gere deserve an Oscar nomination? Yes!!
He displays just the right amount of charm,regret,sadness and intensity.A near perfect balancing act of a man stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Scale of 1-10 an 8