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like putting a name to a face.. so to shall we have month with dates...

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here are some TBD's with the month
This is just a guess.. until proven...for some..

Bourne Legacy Mid Dec TBD (12/11) (Confirmed*)
Cosmopolis - Late Nov TBD (11/27)
Hit and Run - Late Nov TBD (11/27)
The Apparation - Late Dec TBD (12/24 or 12/28) ( says 12/28)
The DaY - Late Oct TBD (10/30) (confirmed for 11/27 **)
For a Good Time Call - Early Dec TBD (12/4)
The Posession - Early Jan TBD (1/1/13)
The Bachelorette - Late Nov TBD (11/27)
Branded - Mid Nov TBD (11/13 or 11/20)
Looper - Late Dec TBD (12/24 or 12/28)

Note: All major retailers are closed on Christmas Day so, the possibility of a movie relesing on Christmas day is 0%. Expect for Bluray,DVD and CDs to be release the day before Christmas or the week after.


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