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This is old news but .. Anthony "Without a Trace" LaPaghlia dropped out saying the set was a disaster. This is like, what, the third actor to drop out? It's strange to me because it's the first time I hear something like this about a QT set.

Like that the ending has been modified/changed. Have to say that the more I watch the trailer, the more the James Brown song is pissing me off. Can't put my finger on it, could be an overload of the QT style but I find it lazy by his standards...if he went with some less popular funk I think I could of dug that more.

Leo and Sam Jackson will be the highlights from this movie. And for those who've read the script:

I hope that the character of Candie develops a little bit better, into something a bit more believable than what we got on script. The fact that he just trusted Django and the doctor like that made him seem like a moron, which takes away credibility

This has to be in post by now right? It's coming out in three months!
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