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As much as I hated this movie, it DOES have one good scene. And that is the scene that ripoffs the opening scene of the Dawn of the Dead remake. The scene where Alice wakes up and she's married to Carlos (Oded Fehr's character, who has so little screen and so little to do that one wonders why they even bothered to bring him back, ditto for Michelle Rodriguez) and has a deaf daughter. And then boom, all of sudden they are attacked by zombies. It's the only scene in the entire movie that actually worked and that had me on the edge of my seat and was genuinely suspenseful and thrilling.

The rest of the movie was garbage. Although the opening scene where they show the big action scene going backwards LOOKED cool. It was totally unnecessary and had no purpose other than to look cool in 3D. But it did look cool, admittedly.

I don't get the hate for RE2. It's only movie in this franchise I enjoyed.
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