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This is old news but .. Anthony "Without a Trace" LaPaghlia dropped out saying the set was a disaster. This is like, what, the third actor to drop out? It's strange to me because it's the first time I hear something like this about a QT set.
Kurt Russell is the only other one that I think dropped out for reasons other than scheduling conflicts. Hill, Levitt, Cohen, and Costner all had scheduling issues (and Hill still ended up being in it anyway). As for LaPaghlia, I heard that his schedule kept getting switched around and he had another project he was starting on, so he had to drop out. All I've been hearing from Foxx, Goggins, and Hill is how great the experience was.

This is nothing new for Tarantino films. Jackie Brown, Kill Bill (especially) and Inglourious Basterds all had similar issues that I have heard of.

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This has to be in post by now right? It's coming out in three months!
Pretty sure it wrapped in early August.

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