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Interesting how the talk heading into this year was that Rodgers would sniff 6,00 0 yards and a lot of other guys would get to 5... not happening. If other teams can mimic the Niners style of playing less guys in the box, the whole age of the offense could be slightly less record-breaking than people might think.
I don't listen to too many talking-heads about the NFL, but I noticed things like this in my various fantasy drafts. Calvin Johnson going 3rd overall even though last year was CLEARLY an aberration (his numbers before that are basically Greg Jennings'). Rodgers was also overvalued. People don't realize that sometimes, these tremendous seasons are just that: a tremendous season. Peyton Manning followed his 49 td season with 3747 yards and 28 tds. In Brady's first full season after he threw 50 tds, he only threw 28 tds. Sometimes, scheduling and a few other flukes make your season much better than it should be. Rodgers is still the best qb in the league, but it should be pointed out he already has thrown 2 INTs (last year, he threw 6 for the season, which is just outrageous)
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