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No ideas right now. It could have been either. They're thinking the envelopes were taken after the gifts were moved up to the bride's private bathroom.

You gotta be pretty fucking low to do something like that especially after being invited...I'd hope it wasn't one of the guests.
Damn dude.. I was going to say that most weddings have pro photographers there and with Digital, they snap thousands of photos... so maybe the photographer snapped a random shot that may have the culprit in the background... but if the gifts were moved up to a private area, there may be no photo evidence.

I'm sorry to hear that dude.. my closest friend just got married in July, and if that had happened there, I would be Law & Ordering that shit until I found the person and then when I did, a fresh fist to the face would not be out of the question (and I am a dirty fighter if I need to be, so you could expect a nut shot as well)
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