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You have an extreme hard on for this movie.

That's okay, its your's just difficult to discuss the "nitpicks" with someone whose so obviously convinced the movie is amazing and has nothing wrong with it. I mean, you're not even accepting the tiniest of problems that the film has.

Your Bane tear scene for instance, you saw it as a showcase for Bane's pain. His pain of...what exactly? His past of banishment from the league of shadows? Getting punched in the face by a bunch of prisoners? Or if the pain is about Talia...what exactly does he feel that causes him pain? Are him and Talia lovers? or more siblings? Why is he incredibly attached to her? Cause he saved her from a bunch of prisoners? we will never know cause not shit is explained in the film man. All that is revealed after the dumb talia twist is that they were working together the entire time due to both of their beliefs.

I felt nothing for Bane and his are we supposed to? Bane is a malevolent one note villian who shows no mercy, compassion, or heart to any of his victims, including Batman. Up to this point in the film (the climax) Bane if anything dissapears from the narrative until he fights Batman at the city hall.

When a character like Talia is given a huge reveal for an ending twist, and has had virtually no time for development the entire 3 hr movie, its not suprising that the entire Court House scene falls flat.
2. talia coming in JUST at the right time (frame wise and dialogue wise) to reveal her scheme. all that was missing was an evil "mwahahahah"
3.also, this entire time that batmans beating up bane in the courthouse, talias just waiting to come into the conversation on the side.
4.talia stabs bruce, he stares at her kinda like a dog realizing its owner has been faking throwing the stick the entire time they played fetch (not a positive metaphor)
5.banes tear shows maybe a blip of feelings towards Talia's embrace of him in his time of loneliness and need, but I had a hard time feeling sorry for Bane when , right as Talia leaves, he tries to kill Batman. Even after talia, a person supposedly he connected with and trusted, told him to not do exactly that.(cough *bane turned into henchmen* cough)
6. dont worry about a final confrontation with Batman and Bane, Catwomans here to not only blow Bane off the screen(literally), but also we're reminded....Oh yeah, catwomans still in the movie. She blew up a tunnel that was blocked, thats it. Then comes in and kills the main villian and only pulse of the entire 3 hr affair. Her freaking one liner after she does it is just....uggh.

This is not a rant projected towards you to insult you, far from it. But please, please watch the film with both eyes wide wide open next time, try to accept even a tiny tiny bit of the fact that the film could be much, much, much better. Of course, EVERY movie could be better in some way, but with Rises, its so glaringly obvious what couldve worked better. With as much anticipation that arose with it's release, and the ROOM and RESOURCES that Nolan had to truly capture a finale that was exciting, impactful, visceral and emotionally draining, it is massively dissapointing.

You have a hard on for extreme subjective nitpicking. Nearly all of your criticisms amount to nothing more than subjective complaints like, "I didn't like when this character did that," or "when that thing happened it was stupid." Your criticisms only indicate that you didn't like the way certain things were handled in the film, not that there was actually something wrong with the way they were handled. For example, you didn't like the way the scene with Bane getting emotional was handled, but I had a completely different reaction to that scene. I also didn't need everything in that scene to be spelled out for me like some people do. I mean, come on, Talia and Bane's story isn't exactly a happy one. After everything that Bane went through, I 'm glad that Nolan chose to let him show a little emotion when the only person he cared about told their pretty tragic story.

Next time come prepared with some actual criticisms and not a ton a subjective nitpicking. Try to understand and open your mind to the possibility that some people liked what you didn't like about the film. You have no back-up to any of your criticisms because your reasoning only amounts to "I didn't like the film because I didn't like the way things were handled in it." As a reader, that means jackshit to me. Why should I care about your subjective perspective on the film? To get me to take any of your criticisms seriously you've got to prove to me that there is actually something wrong in an objective sense with the way certain things were handled/developed in the film. I'm not trying to say that all criticims of this film should be ignored, but all this subjective nitpicking crap is getting ridiculous, especially when this film's plot holes are no bigger or more outrageous than the ones in the other films of the trilogy.
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