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magjournal - Yeah I just have a hard time grasping the idea that anyone who knew them could care little enough to do that. Still hoping it was someone working at the venue rather than someone who knew them but if it is...

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I hope the guy uses that blender and ends up choking on a jumbo sized smoothie of regret.

Skynet - they did have a candid photographer at the wedding so maybe she picked something up but yeah, the private bathrooms were down their own hall so it's unfortunately unlikely that she managed to snap anything incriminating. Still, I think they will definitely look over those photos just in case. Thanks for the tip.

AspectRatio - that's seriously fucking horrible. Glad she got away from them at least and has her own life!

God of War - Thanks man. I'd never heard of anything like this either, never even imagined it could happen but when I brought it up to my parents, they just took it in stride as some kind of regular occurrence at weddings

Rusty - Yeah I have several friends who seem close to getting married in the next few years though so I guess this will be a cautionary tale for all of them to step up the security on the gifts. Absolutely ridiculous that we can't just enjoy a wedding any more and have to actually worry about whether we can trust our friends
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