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[QUOTE=Digifruitella;3601390]here's my list so far.

4. long weekend
8. road games


I envy you. I've been looking for those movies at horror conventions. I could probably find every movie on my hard-to-find list online, but I just don't care for doing things that way. It makes the next conventions more exciting.

I have two more additions for Halloween. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" from 1939 and "Beauty and The Beast" from 1946. Both inspired by Doug Bradley's book. God bless him and God bless Barnes & Noble for having these movies. That store is proving to be a wonderful resource. I have all but one movie left and that is "Wrong Turn 5" being released in October.

Might be looking at around 20 movies in October. The 7 "Children of the Corn" movies, 6 or 7 movies from my Video Store down the street, "Wrong Turn 5," some Universal monster movies, some old classics, any movies on my 50-movie boxsets, and a new theatrical movie called "Sinister." I'll report my progress weekly, starting with the week before Halloween.

May end up revisiting the "Saw" series in November. It doesn't have to be viewed in October.

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