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No, it gives you the opportunity to claim you won under any circumstance. If you lose, you would have won. If you win, you won in spite of it! No matter what you're totally awesome!

On that note, I can't figure out if your Giants/Carolina pick was the most brilliant prediction jiu jitsu move made so far, or an equally brilliant way to hedge your bets in line with your love of the Giants so that you could claim to have been right under any circumstance.
I make many. I like to take chances. I usually pick the Giants with little confidence. Although I rode them to win the season and playoffs last year.

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I think I had the Giants at the same number tho I came this close to switching it considerin all the guys they had out glad I kept it that way
Too many people said they can't win and the Giants like to prove people wrong. If people had not said anything and picked them, they would have lost. One lucky thing about having the hardest schedule I have ever seen is, they will have people picking against them all year. They love to play down to competition.
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