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Faux News has always shat on the Obama administration, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear the retards that grace that "news" channel is ranting how inept and indecisive Obama is. Anything that doesn't involve America riding in on a white steed to save the world and defend it's interests is considered horrible foreign policy.

How would you want Obama to respond to the embassy attacks? Utter threats towards the Middle East? What benefit will that give Obama besides sneers from Middle Eastern leaders? They weren't the ones who burned or attacked U.S. embassies. He can't outright attack an entire country (verbally or even militarily) just because a portion of its population are religious fuckwits.

It takes soft diplomacy to win the favour of any country. And the first step, which Obama and Clinton committed to, was to not only denounce the attacks, but also to denounce the videos that sparked all this.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, free speech has its limits. People can argue against this fact, and that's fine. But as this situation has shown, the power of voicing your opinion has the capability to lead to death and destruction. It's one thing to preach your backwards philosophy and ignorant views to your fellow congregants. It's totally another to use YouTube, essentially an international media platform, to launch an outright attack on another that has a history of not taking criticism of its faith lightly.

Social media has become a double edged sword for the Middle East. On the one hand, it gave the region a tool to promote a revolution. On the other hand, it also gives them a chance to see what retards in the Western world think about Islam (ala that video). And this event will only open the flood gate of those who would defend free speech and continue harping on the Muslim world, adding only more fuel to the fire.
We should go to Vegas like Obama, I guess.

How about being on alert for attacks on 911 and be prepared?
Cut off or suspend the billions of dollars in aid?
Send in troops to protect Americans in Egypt
Something is better than the nothing that was done before and after.

I do love your reaction. Typical liberal. Soft diplomacy lol