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Faux News has always shat on the Obama administration, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear the retards that grace that "news" channel is ranting how inept and indecisive Obama is.
But he did do nothing. Fox news or not, that truth is he did nothing. Any comment on that?

Call it both ways. MSNBC, NBC, CNN, HNN, CBS and ABC have all sided against Bush for 8 years. One station is doing against Obama. That is fair.

I rarely watch any of the news stations. I listen to the radio for my news. 1010 win NYC. 880 NYC. I also go to MSNBC and Fox for internet news. It is sad how both sites are so left and right on issues. Only I can admit Fox right is. Can you admit MSNBC is left? You don't win a prize for saying Fox is right. There is nothing wrong with them being right. But they are more opinion news just like msnbc.