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Perhaps, just perhaps the middle east should start to work with us and not against us. We are not a bad people. Maybe they are the problem. The people of the middle east are exactly the same as the gangs in LA fighting and killing over land they don't own. I guess they need to go back to kindergarten and learn to share. We share our country with millions of people from the middle east and we are not trying to kill them and wish them harm they many middle eastern people do to us. Let's not forget, they attacked us. They attacked people just doing their job. Should we go and attack the Egyptian Embassy here? No. Why did they have to attack us? Maybe their problems stem from their own people and not the USA. I think they just like to blame us for everything.
The response from a healthy percentage of Libyans thus far has been one of outrage and embarrassment at the attackers. Their new leadership has shown gratitude for our response to the crisis and has clearly shown a willingness to stamp out these extremists. Could it all be smoke and mirrors? Maybe, but what good is it to undermine a country's sovereignty while it's trying to get back on proper footing? We lose the support of vocal moderates and risk putting it back into a cycle of violence that it won't be able to handle.