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Enjoyable enough, but boy was it silly as hell. A lot of shit just didn't make sense. Timberlake blew out his arm, the Red Sox gave him a scouting position for a year, and he hopes to become an announcer the next year? The last time I checked that wasn't a logical transition of jobs. Matthew Lillard's character follows the statistics on his computer, so of course, in every scene he must have a computer sitting beside him. There were just little things like that throughout that were really silly. And then the ending came, which is emotionally satisfying in some ways, but also absolutely ridiculous. What a coincidence that there was a pitcher's mound outside of Adams' shitty motel room where peanut boy and his brother were playing baseball. C'mon.

Ultimately, this is an anti-Moneyball film, which makes for a contrast between the different views, but ultimately I think Moneyball's message was more resonant and well-conveyed. It wasn't simply "computers are better than old scouts", whereas Trouble with the Curve was pretty much "computers are shit, scouts know best".

On the positive side (and again, it was very watchable), Amy Adams is really good here. Eastwood borders on self-parody, but also brings some of the goods that he brought with Million Dollar Baby. Timberlake is solid in a supporting role. The relationships between Adams and Eastwood as well as Adams and Timberlake were handled pretty well (although a twist at the end was slightly out of nowhere). It's also pretty funny and moving.

I'd wait for DVD.

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