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I thought it was better than the other "found footage" films you are comparing it too, though the story with the pixelated killer was awful,
I liked the last story most, Ti West's wasn't great but aside from it being too long and the Main Story Arc being a wasted opportunity, it was ok. I liked the last one the most as it reminded me of the campy anthology pieces that such as the hammer ones and the creepshow films, what with all the hands and things. I'm wondering if Ti West's house of the devil was a lucky accident.
I actually thought House of the Devil had a poor payoff. West seems to be excellent with building up tension and setting things up, but the payoff never quite matches it for me. The same can be said about the Innkeepers. Both movies had some awesome creepy moments in them though. It seems like he has a ton of potential.

I'd really like to see V/H/S as well since I need to watch at least some new horror movies around Halloween time. It just sucks that it costs $10-12 to rent it right now depending on where I've found it. It doesn't cost me half that much to go see a movie in the theater if I stick with matinee times (as I always do!).
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