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Also, the first expendables came out 2 days before Thanksgiving in 2010. Therefore, it makes sense that the new one will be coming on 11/20 (Again, 2 days before Thanksgiving).
What about a 11/23 or 12/11 release ? I metioned the "12/11" date before.. The date of "11/23" was infact the original release date for EX1 on Bluray. Funny thing is: 11/23/12 is a FRIDAY. (update) "12/11" is not a rumor...

OT: list 'STEP UP: REVOLUTION' as have a streetdate of 11/20!! I clearly remember posting a press release with the date 11/27. I even think is still listing a 11/27 date. Could the film have a late date shift sort of like what happened with Prometheus?

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