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The response from a healthy percentage of Libyans thus far has been one of outrage and embarrassment at the attackers. Their new leadership has shown gratitude for our response to the crisis and has clearly shown a willingness to stamp out these extremists. Could it all be smoke and mirrors? Maybe, but what good is it to undermine a country's sovereignty while it's trying to get back on proper footing? We lose the support of vocal moderates and risk putting it back into a cycle of violence that it won't be able to handle.
I would like to see these people stamp these extremists before they do shit. I hold all responsible for policing their own people. If I were Muslim (esp if I lived in America) and I was someone who just wanted to live and be happy (like I am now), I would be on the lookout for people starting trouble all the time and turn them in. I would like to see some preemptive work done.