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First: They do not send uniform patrol officers to single handedly take down a drug cartel. Unless, of course, they are planning two extra funerals into the budget that year.

Second: I have since watched Lawless. My opinion has not changed. Sorry.

Third: Movies with a complete and utter lack of anything that resembles reality, in even a slight sense, I have zero time for. Sorry again.

Fourth: My opinions are my own. They are not meant to be a judgemental middle finger towards anyone who enjoys this movie or any other movie for that matter.
I did not view your opinions as a judgmental middle finger because I found nothing malicious in your replies. But this is a movie forum in which discussions are supposed to take place and I was trying to evoke a discussion.

But you've soured on two generally well-received movies of recent and I'm trying to find out why.
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