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He clearly said what he wanted Obama to do.

LOL Don't act Obama himself planned the simultaneous shots. The mark of a true leader is not to be reactionary. A true leader should be proactive. The pirates in that area had been and still are a problem. At the very least all, US ships should be escorted through that area. Would be nice if we also worked with our allies to guard other ships as well. We can charge for the protection. Or better yet, why not seek out these pirates and take the fight to them?

There is lots of intel on troubled areas and all the crazies around the world. Now and forever, there should be extreme heightened alerts for every American whatever overseas during 911 days. As President, where the buck stops there, Obama gets the blame for these attacks. It just seems to me that the media and joblo political forum is taking the deaths and destruction of USA property lightly and doing a piss poor job or reporting. This would not be true if a Republican was in office.
So... basically you want us to be like a real Team America: World Police. Cause that's what it sounds like.