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Samsara (9/10), End of Watch (7.5/10), The Expendables 2 (5/10)

Next: Robot and Frank, Dredd.

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Yeah, that's totally fair. I actually like Crystal Skull overall too based on two screenings, I was just shocked at seeing it above Last Crusade. But the same reaction could be inspired by a lot of people in me ranking Prometheus far above Aliens so I know how you feel.

Incidentally, I've heard good things about Robot and Frank, but you must see Samsara.

Last: Bounded (6/10)
Next: Bridge on The River Kwai, Holy Motors, Room 237, hopefully Looper
Fair enough. Funny though, I told a couple friends of mine how I felt about Crusade, and was verbally crucified. I didn't realize how sacred Crusade is. Samsara finally arrived at the downtown art theatre and it was fantastic. A worthy follow up to Baraka. I wish it was in 70mm though. And I wish Bridge showed here, you are a lucky man.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Holy Motors.

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