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I did read the script and although visually striking I did see several problems with the script. here are just a couple

1. the exchange between him and his wife at the end of the film is lame.

2. not since Mark twain have I ever read something with more uses of the word nigger but tarantino is no twain. he really seems to be in love with the word. there are some instances where he says things like the place where the nigger slaves were kept but couldn't he just say the place where the slaves were kept? I don't see what is added by using the word nigger so much.

***Minor Spoiler*** (don't read if you haven't read the script)

3. Broomhilda's behavior when she is sold seems to be out of character for an African American woman during slavery times. I would think that her love for Django was stronger and she would of fought her new husband instead of giving in to him so easily. her behavior may fit in well with a modern day woman but that doesn't sound like the behavior of a woman during slavery times. I think Tarantino is confused. out of Broomhilda and her new husband she definitely comes across as the stronger of the two. Tarantino fails to show her strength in this scene. and isn't she raped in front of Django at the beginning? you'd figure this would make her grow some hate for white men but according to Tarantino it has no effect on her

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