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yeah it's way early for that topic but i'm a good sport

So far ...

Fear Factory - The Industrialist - favorite song : God Eater
Ministry - Relapse - favorite song : Double Tap
In This Moment - Blood - favorite song : Blood
Serj Tankian - Harakiri - favorite song : Cornucopia
The Agonist - Prisoners - not definitive song but so far i like Ideomotor

As I Lay Dying got a new cd coming out tomorrow .... and i loved An Ocean Between Us

The new Testament cd "Dark Roots of Earth" looks promising ... haven't heard it yet

The latest Atari Teenage Riot and Skinny Puppy are labeled 2011 but i'm pretty sure both cds were released in 2012

I haven't listened to the whole latest Metric cd but "Youth Without Youth" is pretty catchy . I love it ! Canadian alt-rock FTW

edit : fuck pop!

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