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This was definitely the worst Pixar movie to date. Worse than Cars 2. And worse than Wall-E, which I found to be gorgeous looking but very boring. It's just such an incredibly silly tale IMO.

I rolled my eyes once the mother was transformed into a bear.

And while there were a couple of nice moments, the movie was never really able to win me back from that. Some gorgeous animation, some decent voice acting, but a tale too predictable and formulaic and a movie that just seemed so silly and lame. Another big disappointment from the summer.

I strongly agree that Brave is Pixar's worst film, though I strongly disagree with your view of Wall-E (which I consider Pixar's absolute best film). Unfortunately, their second worst film is Cars 2. Pixar's next film needs to bring them back to their former glory, or my faith in them is going to be seriously shaken (as will the faith of many others who haven't lost it yet).
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