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At least Miike embraces his B-movie material instead of pretending it's more important than it really is.
The thing is, I don't think Tarantino is aiming to necessarily make B-movies. He takes B-movie material and turns it into an epic story, where you have a strong narrative, good dialogue, interesting characters and an effective exploration of themes. When Tarantino tries to mimic a B-movie, he ends up with Death Proof. What he has done with his other films is more than just making a B-movie. I'm not saying he's making abstract, intellectual masterpieces, but he's providing entertainment with roots in B-movie material that is ultimately better than the majority of B-movies. The majority of his films, right back to Dogs, are filled with a bunch of shit you've seen a million times before, but he structures his stories and writes his characters and dialogue in a way that elevates rather mundane material into something incredible. Not many people can do what he does.
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