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7/10 from me.

Any way that you cut it this is a video game movie through and through. This time, using that phrase is NOT an insult to the film however. It appears this movie knew what it wanted to be and didnít pretend to be something more. Dredd and his cute psychic newbie partner move through levels battling bad guys in a very stylized, violent and even artistic manner. I didnít know whether to be grossed out by the slo-mo bullets tearing through peopleís faces or amazed at the stunning visuals. Urban was pretty damn cool as Dredd. Was his character one dimensional? Sure but I donít think the makers of this film cared in the least about depth or story. Because the plot has a lot of logic flaws, I feel itís best to remember to treat this movie as the badass popcorn film it was intended to be.
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