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Goddamn. That's all I can say about last night's episode, is goddamn.

Opie's death is the kind of shocking thing they haven't done in a couple seasons, since Half-Sack and Hale. Some folks might cite Piney's demise as that brand of surprise, but I didn't see it that way. Maybe 'cuz he was old and looked half-dead since the pilot, or maybe it was 'cuz I never really liked him, but I wasn't really all that moved by him dying.

Opie, that's like those three deaths combined, plus an Agent Stahl or two for good measure. And the way it happened, I mean, goddamn. That was just brutal and hard to watch. Jax turning around and the sound fading out as Chibbs went crazy on the window, that moment was excellently done. Also, in retrospect, the way they set this up was brilliant. When the guard tells Jax how it's gonna go down, that there's gonna be a "fight" to kill the person he chooses, I automatically thought "well whoever Jax picks is gonna win the fight to the shock of the guards, and we'll carry on from there." I guess my mind has been so conditioned by riskless television that it assumes the safe passage of all major characters, without even really realizing it.

I am conflicted about how to feel, the same way you guys are. Seeing Opie go really sucks, and part of me is hurt and wants to be mad about it, but the other part realizes how truly awesome this episode was. Even before everything got overshadowed by Opie, I thought it hit some really good notes, particularly with Gemma and Tara. I used to not like Tara at all, but that's turned almost completely around now. She's awesome. The line "but my husband might" was one of those OH SNAP! moments that made me grin. Her conflicting with Gemma has worked wonders for her character. The arrest at Nero's whorehouse was intriguing as hell. I have no idea what it means, and can't even guess right now.

Anyway, when it's all said and done and the emotional trauma wears off, I think last night's episode may well be remembered as the best of the series. Definitely one of the best, at least.
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