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I'm thinking she might have still been pregnant in the top picture? The hand on the belly is something pregnant women typically do without realizing it, and she really does look pregnant to me in that pic. I've seen pics of her since and she's lost some weight.

She did gain quite a bit with her pregnancy, but to lose it the healthy way it takes months. I'm glad she's not in the race that many celebrity moms are to be stick thin in a month. I've read of some bragging hours a day at the gym within weeks of having a baby. I couldn't even stand to be away from mine for a few minutes in the first weeks. Just wanted to kiss and stare at them all day, lol.

She's still a beautiful woman. I don't know if she is truly as stupid as she came off on that reality show she used to have. I figured it was an act. The chicken of the sea thing has to have been staged. I mean, that was just goofy stupid.
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