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Ruly2, Luv you to death Brotha, however, in reguards to Odd Life. you are off on that date by a long shot.... you need to think Mid month, but more closer to November. LOL and thats the last hint
Closer to November? Well, The last day of November is the 30th (Friday). Mid-December is: 12/11(Tuesday),12/14 (Friday),12/17(Tuesday) or 12/21(Friday). On the flip side: the first Tuesday of November is the 6th,,

Guess in the end we'll find out sooner or late..

Ps.. Canada's dates are PRACTICLLY IDENTICAL to USA RELEASE DATES. The only thing that may differ is if Canada has a steelbook that Best Buy DOES NOT get ( ie The Lorax steelbook). In simple terms: Expect canada to have the same date as the USA.

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