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They were not that much better. It was a judgement call

People believe Bautista cheats.

I will remind you Arod won it when with Texas and they were in last place
Bautista that year lead in HRs, 3rd in rbis(2 behind Cabrera) 3rd in SLG%, 4th in OPS and tied for 6th in WAR

And Bautista was the only one to even hit 40 despite hitting 54 HRs that year which he proved last year and this year wasnt a fluke, or cheats or has this mysterious guy in white shirt that sits in the 500 level that waves his arm that tells him what pitch he is (I wonder what's the excuse then in Minnesota since he has more HRs in that park than pretty much anybody that plays there)

And yes I remember A-Roid won it when he was in Texas and they were awful thats been the only exception only because his stats were far above everyone else this year Cabrera and Trout are both worthy I wont be upset whichever of them win

As for the rest

AL Cy Young David Price barely over Weaver has him beat badly in Ks and barely in ERA

NL Cy Young R.A. Dickey Leads in Ks, 2nd in ERA and only other serious candidate is Gio and Dickey has him beat in every other stat but wins which is by 1

AL rookie and NL rookies are no contest its Trout and Harper and it isnt even close

NL MVP give me some time to think about that one would have been McCutchen with ease t=but thats until the Pirates collapsed eek I dont know if they will really considering giving it to Braun this year
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