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The reviews are crazy divisive. Ranging all over the spectrum from one of the best movies ever to biggest disaster ever and all the mixed reactions in between. From the TIFF thread, someguy saw it and seemed to enjoy it overall, while abishop was positive but closer to mixed.

One of my buddies also saw it. Of my three former roommates, he's the one who we all thought had the greatest chance of hating it. He's generally all about grittiness and realism in his films (favourite show is The Wire, loves documentaries and character stories and isn't so down with anything too fantastical) and I figured at best, he would mildly enjoy it.

Well here are his three tweets from after he saw it:

wow I need a moment to gather myself after CLOUD ATLAS. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. #tiff #nobullshit

"Cloud Atlas" 10/10 This is why I watch movies. It transcends/transforms in a way so unique to film as a medium. This is a masterpiece #TIFF

I can't shake Cloud Atlas. It may be the ultimate humanist film. I feel brighter about the future of human existence. #tiff

He also called me up to rave about it and said he felt like it actually spoke to him directly at this point in his life. And while it certainly has its share of negative reactions, I've read more than a few of the wildly positive reviews that have considered the movie to have that effect. And any movie that can have that effect on some people has to be at least worth a watch.

Anyway, that has me all the more hopeful and excited that this will be something special.
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