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I truly hate what this forum has become. And Dirtyfrog, I assure you, this is not aimed at you.
Well if you are not aiming this commentt at Dirrtyfrog

i would like to know who you are aiming this qestion at

I have to say when l first seen this thread l was not happy about it and l am still not happy about having the thread titile name aimed at me

I was looking at the celeb section and there was another commnet which was not nice and l which this was not happening

Do you know l like to post here but when you have females like myself here male members need to show abit of repect for that person

writing things like sex tapes and saying you are flirting with someone when you are only trying to be a freind

Can be turned around and then you think l am or any other female is doing sexy dirty stuff

Do you know l have a great freind in Erroneous and he has never made sexual remarks at me

When l post with him he never looks at me like l am nothing he has said that he regards me as a very good person
Sorry Erroneous for involving you in this but geez l dont know waht to do to stop this

Not meaing that the whole section is basically pointing at me but it is kind of rude when you have above thread titile written and other members think l am doing other things

I have been feeling confused and not knowing what to do about all of this

i want Dirtyfrog to be a freind but not write such titiles about me because l am a lady and l dont deserve this

I want members to think good of me but not look at the 2 titles and the celeb post commnet and think geez Bondgirl is abit of a slut

I have been thinking about leaving this forum if the remarks continue because really l just want everything to stop

Dirtyfrog l know you had a breakup with someone but you just cant take that sort of thing out on me

It makes me feel dirty everytime l look at the celeb post in the Miley cyrys thread and also the thead titles here

Please l will be your freind and geez when someone needs a freind l will always be there and l am always willing to listen if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on

Anyway that is all l want to say if this continues on new threads or anywhere else l have to say l will have to go and find somewhere else where they except me okay