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Read my above post. They didn't lie about anything. They didn't know it was a planned attack at first, but now they think it was. The riots, in general, are presumed to be spontaneous, though they are also more than likely a calculated effort by people who know how to drum up outrage.
I think you are forgetting something. You are not the end all be all of knowledge. He did not quote you in anyway. He has an opinion and you come off saying you are right about your opinion. You can't prove you are anymore right or wrong than he can. He does not have to read your post for your opinion. He can form his own opinion based on whatever facts or lies he wants too.

My opinion on this one small part is that they did lie. On purpose, they decided to downplay it. That is a lie. They were not waiting for more facts first. They waited for reaction.

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My guess is that you have more anger towards the president than the people who actually attacked the embassy.