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So is the fact the Dickey plays in a pitcher's ballpark.

inside the numbers
RA Dickey
Home 10-3 Away 10-3
ERA 2.59 H 2.81 a
GS 17 h 15a
Opp B Ave .211 h .241 a
H 94 h 91a
ER 36 h 32a

Gio G
9-4 h 12-4 a
ERA 2.38h 3.31a
GS 14 h 18a
opp b ave .202h .208a
h 67h 82a
er 24 h 40a

What does it mean?
For Gio: He has more games started and won on the road and a lower ERA at home, he has a lower opp batting ave for both home and away and gives up less hits, earned runs at home.

For Dickey: He has a lower ERA on the road, started more at home, and has given up less Earned runs on the road.

Plus for Gio, his games mean more, because they are in first place. The Mets have been a joke since the all star break. I do not believe wins are a miss leading stat. There are times when it can be, but in the real world across every industry stats do not lie. This is not the case like Felix a couple years ago when he was losing games 1-0.

They both have about the same wins against playoff teams and last place teams.
Its quite interesting no its not like Felix a few years back The one thing that favors Dickey is Gio gets more run support per start than Dickey does

Gio's is 5.38 2nd in the NL(1st is Lance Lynn 5.75 which might make is 17-7 record a bit more misleading than it really is) Dickey's is 4.66 which is 13th in the NL
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