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Its quite interesting no its not like Felix a few years back The one thing that favors Dickey is Gio gets more run support per start than Dickey does

Gio's is 5.38 2nd in the NL(1st is Lance Lynn 5.75 which might make is 17-7 record a bit more misleading than it really is) Dickey's is 4.66 which is 13th in the NL
Run support is as misleading as wins. I was not in favor of felix winning a couple years back. If you know you team's offense sucks, you better pitch better to win.

It is a lot harder to win when you are expected to win or have to win for your team. Dickey has never been in that place this year. Dickey has been winning for himself.

13th is not all that bad. 13 out of what 64 full time starting pitchers in the nl? And again, Dickey does pitch in a pitchers park. Considering his ERA 4.66 runs a game means he should win almost all his games

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