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Here's what I think will happen in America by 2013.

We'll still have our troubles. America will still be the same Red vs Blue politics (Red possibly even more extreme and to the Right than before). The countries of Europe will probably dwarf America in terms of education, social progress, and government (and America will still be saying they're the greatest in the world).

Technology will improve and paradigms will change, and companies' money-making strategies will remain the same, not adapting to these new software and hardware developments. Piracy will still run rampant.

Movies and television will become more conservative and censored in terms of what you can and can't have: even less sexual content and adult language will be allowed; even implications will be considered "pushing the envelope." Our entertainment's content will be so sanitized and cleaned up that special interest groups and lobbies will become part of the development process of that film or TV program. We will have even more advertising and promotional content before we'll even get to what we paid to see (you think the 20 minutes before a movie is bad now? Wait a few years). least that's what I think anyway.
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