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I have no idea why American politics seems to dominate most of my Internets...I'd very much like to see what issues are being discussed inother countries of the world, and not just on a BBC News basis
Well , it all depends what sites you visit. Joblo got a wide variety of users from around the globe but it's at least 50% US.

We have a proverb here in Canada : "When the US sneezes , Canada catches a cold" meaning we are very connected and we are better knowing what's happening over there. Pretty sure other countries feel the same since the USA do have a big influence on western policies ( just think RIAA/MPAA fighting for american copyright all over the place)

That leaves you with the rest ..... China & Asia , the Middle East , Africa were english is a second language and most of the news is not in english which make it difficult for us to make a sound opinion.

Not to mention that politic is probably the worst subject on a semi-anonymous forum beside religion. Giving full access is like spreading wood , gasoline and matches around the members and telling us not to start a fire. Bad idea imo !

I'd rather they keep it a close circle of intelligent discussion than open the forum to everyone and turn it into a flame war.

Or if i can put words in the prophet Ron Burgundy's mouth ......