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Here is the thing to me.....
I need a passport to go to Mexico and Canada
I need my airplane ticket to match exactly my photo id to get on the plane
I need to give several pieces of personal info to get access via phone, cable, credit card, bank, health insurance and every other thing in my life.
I need 7 points of ID to get a drivers license.
I need a photo id to buy liquor or ciggys (I dont smoke)
I need a photo id to get into a club or get my gambling winnings
In some stores I need to show an id to show where I live, because if you live in PA

But to vote all I have to do is show up at the proper place on the proper day and say my name.

Does that make any sort of sense at all? Fuck no, it does not! Voting is important and I am sorry that there are old fucks that have voted fror 50 years and now have to go get an id. They should stop being so selfish and think of the greater good.

PA has been running info ads daily on this.
Exactly how I feel you have to have a photo idea for so many things in society then you should definitely have one to vote it is, in my opinion, common sense.