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Now, let's think about the main catalyst behind these Voter ID requirements, the Republican Party. And why is the Republican Party so hellbent on passing this specific mandate--specifically in the swing states? Well, clearly it isn't to combatant against voter fraud, it's to keep a lot of Democrats from voting, duh! As many have mentioned, unless the states enacting such regulation for Voter IDs, they should provide free IDs, have extended hours for the DMVs, and provide transportation to go to these areas to obtain these IDs because I know in the state of Texas, there's only 18 DMVs in a state that has over 300 districts. I don't think it's a fair comparison going down your list of places that require government issued ID because those aren't rights listed in the Constitution, voting is. Every legal citizen of age has the right.
Why would it only keep Democrats from voting are you saying Democrats are the only ones who don't have IDs, because if a ID was necessary then everyone would need them including Republicans, so it would stop everyone without an ID from voting not just Democrats.