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I know his performance had its share of fans but I actually didn't like Bale in Harsh Times. I remember thinking it was an over-the-top caricature with little depth to mine or understand. It felt surface-level to me. But perhaps that's more of a problem with the script than anything. All the repetitive ebonics in the dialogue might have gone over better if the film had given me a better understanding of the characters.

I also found it rather episodic and aimless with some heavy-handed directorial choices especially in the first half - which can be fine if each little bit added new dimensions to understand about the characters, but they didn't, instead just generally irritating me (even if I liked Bale's performance, I find this character grating as fuck to watch). I saw it in theatres so it's been quite a while but I remember being bored out of my skull for most of the film and irritated with Bale's character for the rest. I think it was my least favourite movie of 2005.

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